The body reflected on your face, the key for your health on it


“Vietnamese Facial Reflexology”

Efficient, low-cost, available to all, non-invasive.

Let yourself be surprised by a treatment you’d never expect!


Reflexology is a combination of holistic techniques which work on body’s peripheral system acting on skin, hands, feet, face, ears….is a healing method completely safe and effective, which involves applying pressure to specific reflex points, each of which is related to an organ or body part specific. It’s aim is to send inputs to the brain, which will send accordingly a signal to the organ or to the other interested parties. The more often this technique is applied, the more powerful it becomes.

Facial Reflexology is very efficient, low-cost, available to all (adults, children, pregnant women and people with disabilities), non-invasive and totally lacking in contra-indications. It differs from other similar disciplines because of its ease of application on oneself (at the end of every session you’ll get advice for an efficient self-treatment). There are 5 sensory organs on the face, which is the only body part presenting this special characteristic. Knowing that, will let you do a deep dive on your body awareness: sensory organs are very special communication channels between inner and outer human sphere.

Facial Reflexology’s main actions are:

  • Painkilling effects, providing pain relief, particularly appropriate for severe and chronic pain.
  • To relieve muscle contractions
  • To relieve constant migraines
  • Functional, rebalancing the function of organs
  • Rehabilitation, post traumatic action, it helps to reduce the recovery time in case of accident or surgical operations
  • Relaxing, a very good help against anxiety, insomnia or depression
  • Supporting traditional therapies
  • Bracing
  • Lymph drainer


Take care of your body, It’s the only place you have to live

The Reflexology service is offered by Riflessovivo Team, which members are:

Manuela Bordin, graduated in Facial Reflexology, Sirfa Dien Cham/n method.
Certified in Intermediate Care Technician with an internship at accident and emergency ward of Monza polyclinic.

Cesare Pahloulian, graduated in Facial Reflexology, Sirfa Dien Cham/n method.

Angela Ticchio, graduated in Vietnamese Facial Multireflexology (Sirfa Dien Cham/n method) at Sirfa/Airfi Academy of Milano.


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