Pink Salt Cave

Our salt cave with chromotherapy

Spend an unforgettable moment of relax and health in our cave, covered both on the floors and on the walls with Himalaya’s pink salt crystals, a 200 million years substance containing many fossilized, uncontaminated trace elements with exfoliating and detoxifying properties. With the Halo treatment, consisting of inhaling anti-inflammatory and anti-bacteriological sodium clorure, you can get a full cleanse of your respiratory tract.

It’s completely natural; no allergic reactions nor side effects detected.
If you can’t go to the beach, this is no longer a problem. A single 40 min. session in our salt cave corresponds to 3 days at sea!



Why salt cave microclimate makes you feel better.

Since salt is a natural ionizer, it cleans the air from allergens and pollutants, enriching it with over 84 trace minerals. Everybody knows how much our bodies need an adequate intake of calcium, oxygen, magnesium, iron, iodine and potassium. Especially for children, this nourishment boosts your immune system and makes it stronger and more resistant to the often less than salubrious environment around us.


Why do the treatment.

The aim of the session is not to replace any antibiotic or corticosteroid medical therapy, but to provide a valid tool to help our body find a right balance and give you a very relaxing and healthy experience.

Natural treatments are increasing because pharmacological treatments don’t stimulate the immune system.
You can get in the Salt cave with your clothes on and children can play in it.<

Grotta di sale per bambini a Ternate


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